jailbreak iOS 8 Using Easy TaiG Guide

You can jailbreak iOS 8 on any compatible device using the TaiG iOS jailbreak tool. This TaiG jail break tool is successfully jailbreaking millions of devices which are still on two major versions i.e. 8.1.3 up to 8.4. On the other hand if you have upgraded to any of iOS 9 jailbreakable version you are still lucky. 9.2 and 9.3.3 versions are jailbreakable and you can visit other ios 9 jailbreak page from our main menu on the top of this page.

how to jailbreak ios 8

Based on the special nature of jailbreak tool and the process of injecting the code in your device. It is better to make backup of your data and settings. On the other hand if you are on older version you can upgrade to iOS 8.3 or 8.4 using TaiG Pro software from where you can select upgrade mode by selecting upgrade and jailbreak.


Step 1: Download the TaiG iOS 8 jailbreak from below links as per your computer.taig-download-for-windows-pctaig-download-for-mac-computer


Step 2: Turn off the device lock screen password and “Find my iPhone” function before you jailbreak ios 8.

To turn off the device password lock go to : Settings => Password => Enter Password => Close Password => enter the password

To turn off Find My iPhone go to: Settings => iCould => find my iPhone, you can close.


Step 3: Run the TaiG program and connect your device to computer using lightning cable. Your iphone details shall be visible inside the jailbreak tool.


Step 4: Click “Start” button to jailbreak and during jailbreak, keep the device connected and wait patiently. After the success of the jailbreak you shall be able to run Cydia from your device screen. We recommend to install and start the 3K assistant which will help you install a mass of applications, games, plug-ins, wallpaper and ringtones, enjoy the jailbreak after the wonderful achievement!

taig-jailbreak-screen jailbreak iOS 8

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