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Jan 28 2018 May be iOS 11 Cydia Release Day?

May be this is speculation but there are people hinting that Saurik may release the latest Cydia substrate which will support iOS 11 jailbreak. As we know that Saurik has already confirmed that he is working on Cydia to make it compatible with iOS 11. In that case people who are able to jailbreak ios 11 shall be able to install Cydia as well.

I am quoting one Facebook update from a jailbreak group, which may help you to understand the subject, in reply someone corrected that Cydia was released on 28 Feb not January 2008.

Now this is only speculation but I believe Cydia and mobile substrate may go live tomorrow Jan 28th. Why Jan 28th you ask? Because it’s the 10th anniversary of Cydia! Cydia was released by Saurik (Jay Freeman) Jan 28 ‘08! I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was tomorrow. Saurik saying he was working with a well known jailbreaker lends itself to the theory. Who might this mystery hacker be? My guess is the return (maybe just for this project) Comex!

What is you opinion? Do you think Cydia may be released on 28 January or may be on 28 February 2018.

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Download G0blin iOS 10.3.x Jailbreak

G0blin, a jailbreak for 64-bit devices prior to the iPhone 7 (A7 – A9) running iOS 10.3.x , has been released by Sticktron.

The jailbreak is currently described as a ‘work in progress’. The first release candidate has been nuked and RC1 is now available to download from here. It’s installed via Cydia Impactor.

If you’re not a developer, we recommend that you must wait until the final version has been released.

G0blin iOS 10 jailbreak
● v0rtex kernel exploit by Siguza, vuln by Ian beer, POC by windknown
● kpp bypass, sandbox, codesigning from yalu102 by Luca Todesco
● additional sandbox work from h3lix by tihmstar
● patchfinder from extra_recipe by Xerub
● additional patchfind work from async_wake_fun by ninjaprawn

Spawns an SSH server listening on port 2222. Remember to change your passwords!
● user: root password: alpine
● user: mobile password: alpine

Known Issues:
● Touch ID does not work in App Store apps while in jailbroken mode

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